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Model Student of the Reformation

Model student of the reformation



At the time of the Reformation, Zerbst was the largest and most important town in Anhalt. As early as 1522, the town council invited Martin Luther to Zerbst, where he gave sermons in the local Augustinian monastery. Zerbst was the first city in Anhalt to embrace the Reformation. In keeping with Luther’s teachings, the city’s Augustinian monastery was converted into a hospital and its Franciscan monastery into a school which was strongly influenced by Philipp Melanchthon.

The structure has been the continual home of the "Gymnasium Francisceum Zerbst" since 1532, which makes it the oldest Protestant grammar school in existence. Its historical library contains writings from the Reformation and other precious items. Melanchthon himself was a frequent visitor to Zerbst where he would visit his friend Theodor Fabricius, who had, on Martin Luther’s recommendation, become the town’s superintendent.


Tourist information of Zerbst/Anhalt

Markt 11
39261 Zerbst/Anhalt

Phone: +49 (0)3923 2351
Fax: +49 (0)3923 760179
Mail: zentrale@touristinfo-info.de

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Things to see in Zeitz

In the footsteps of Martin Luther

Museum Zerbst

Today, the cloisters and halls of the thirteenth-century former Franciscan monastery are home to both the Zerbst Museum for Local History and to the Catherine II Collection. The former recounts the development of Zerbst, ranging from the pre-historic period to the modern day.

A special focus is on the section about the Reformation and history of education. In the ballroom of a Baroque building, located in the Schlossfreiheit (a residential district enclosed in castle walls), an exhibition recalls the Russian Czarina Catherine the Great, who herself was from the principality of Anhalt-Zerbst.


opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 5pm

Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 4pm

21 January - 7 February 2019 closed

contact information

Museum der Stadt Zerbst/Anhalt
Weinberg 1
39261 Zerbst/Anhalt

Phone: +49 (0)3923 4228
Mail: museum.zerbst@t-online.de

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Zerbst Museum and The Collections of Catherine the Great

Church of St. Nicholas


The Church of St. Nicholas, originally the largest hall church in all of Anhalt, was destroyed in 1945. Of its three original bell-towers, only the North and South Towers are still standing, spanned by an observation deck. The North Tower houses Anhalt’s largest church bell, the so-called ‘Gloriosa’, which weights five tonnes. Visitors to St. Bartholomew’s Collegiate and Court Church can still see the memorial tomb slabs of the royal family, precious frescos as well as a panel painting by Lucas Cranach the Younger.


contact information

Schleibank 4
39261 Zerbst/Anhalt

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