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The small town of Allstedt is in the south of Saxony-Anhalt. It lies below an impressive castle, which welcomes visitors from afar. It is here in the castle of Allstedt, that theologian and Reformer Thomas Müntzer lived and worked. From 1523 to 1524 he was pastor in St. John’s parish church. Müntzer placed himself at the fore of the armed “Allstedter Bund” a group of hundreds of peasants, farmers and craftsmen.

Even earlier than Luther, Thomas Müntzer introduced German liturgy to Allstedt and also allowed women to sing in the choir. In the Hofstube in Allstedt castle, which still exists to this day, Müntzer held the so-called “Sermon to the Princes” in front of Duke Johann and the Elector Friedrich – a courageous speech against authorities. Thomas Müntzer had to leave Allstedt in August 1524.

Experience Allstedt

Today, both the castle and the palace of Allstedt are home to a variety of museums. Among the sights on display are a Thomas Müntzer exhibition, a late Gothic kitchen featuring a giant chimney and banquet hall ("Hofstube"), an exhibition about Johann Wolfgang Goethe’s visits to the city between 1776 and 1782 as well as the Carl Horn collection of iron castings from the Mägdesprung iron works. Both the castle and the palace play host to numerous cultural events in addition to providing a perfect setting for visitors to enjoy a medieval-style round table.

Two guided tours of the Castle of Allstedt are offered: Guided tour “Thomas Müntzer and the Reformation” as well as the event tour “Müntzer and Music. Experience the Reformation with all Senses” with an organ concert, a Müntzer sermon and a guided tour of the exhibition “1523 – Thomas Müntzer. A servant to God.” Prior registration for these museum events is required. Further information is available under: +49 (0)34652 519 or schloss-allstedt@allstedt.de


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