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Luther's place


Seat of the "Lutheriden"


Zeitz first came to the focus of the Reformation history in 1542. In that year, Nicolaus von Amsdorf was installed as Evangelical bishop not only of Naumburg, but of Zeitz as well. The occasion brought Martin Luther to town, who invested Amsdorf and preached to the townsfolk. From then on, the city served as Amsdorf’s residence. In August 1544, Luther returned to Zeitz for ten days to discuss the difficulties Amsdorf was facing in his episcopal office.

Even today, residents continue to be proud of the "Zeitzer Luther lineage". In 1610, Johann Ernst, one of Martin Luther’s grandchildren, married Martha Blumstengel, the daughter of Zeitz’s mayor at that time in St. Michael’s Church. After German reunification, the "Lutheriden", a society made up of Luther descendants, moved their headquarters from Hamburg to Zeitz. In 1882, an original copy of the 95 Theses, dating from 1517, was discovered in the sacristy of St. Michael’s Church. A reproduction of this absolute rarity is currently on display in the St. Michael’s Church library.

Experience Zeitz

More than 1,000 years of history have left their mark on Zeitz. Buildings from every period in the city’s history are fascinating witnesses to the past, making the city a rewarding destination for a short trip or city holiday for cultural enthusiasts.

For many centuries, the city of Zeitz served as a residence to bishops. During that time, the Church of St. Michael, the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, the Benedictine Monastery Posa, as well as the Franciscan Monastery were all constructed. Moritzburg Castle, the former seat of the Dukes of Saxony-Zeitz, houses the Museum of Zeitz. Under the old town there is a complex system of vaults and passageways dating from fifteenth and sixteenth centuries which served mainly to store beer barrels. Today, visitors can explore "subterranean Zeitz" with a guided tour.


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Altmarkt 16
06712 Zeitz

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Things to see in Zeitz


In the footsteps of Martin Luther


Zeitz Museum is located in the former residence of the Dukes of Saxe-Zeitz in Moritzburg Castle on the Elster River. It was set up in 1932. History and stories of the city and the castle as well as topical exhibitions offer something for museum visitors of all ages – children, teenagers and adults making it a wonderful place to visit as a family. All events require advance reservation and take place on Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.


opening hours

March to December

Tuesday to Sunday 10am – 4pm

January to February closed

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Schloß Moritzburg
Schloßstraße 6
06712 Zeitz

Phone: +49 (0)3441 212546
Mail: moritzburg@stadt-zeitz.de
Web: www.zeitz.de

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Moritzburg Castle in Zeitz

Permanent Exhibition: German Pram Museum

The Deutsche Kinderwagenmuseum (German Pram Museum), located inside Schloss Moritzburg in Zeitz, is unique in Europe, with its collection of more than 600 prams, which includes prams for sport or for dolls. The newly redesigned exhibition tells the story of Zeitz’s pram industry from its beginnings in the 1840s to 1946. Over the course of the 19th century, the city of Zeitz became a centre for German pram manufacture.

Permanent Exhibition: Heavenly Aspiration – Earthly Life Zeitz under the Episcopal Crozier

The exhibition highlights the time from the first mention of the town in 967 to the end of the diocese of Naumburg-Zeitz in 1564. In addition to the episcopal residence, the exhibition looks at the development of the town of Zeitz and its citizens. The culmination of the exhibition is made with the last two bishops of Naumburg-Zeitz, Nicolaus von Amsdorf and Julius von Pflug. The exhibition is closed until 2 April 2018 due to the special exhibition “8th Triennale. Art in Southern Saxony-Anhalt” which is on show.

Permanent Exhibition: Time of the Dukes – Baroque Residential Culture in Zeitz

In 1652, Elector Johann Georg I of Saxony laid down in his will that the province be divided between his four sons. The duchies of Saxony-Merseburg, Saxony-Weissenfels and Saxony-Zeitz were created. In 1653, Moritz, the youngest son, took over the administration of the monastery Naumburg-Zeitz.

Permanent Exhibition: Furniture and Arts and Crafts from the Renaissance to the 19th Century

The collection of historic furniture is one of the most extensive of its kind in Saxony-Anhalt. The oldest pieces were already collected by the History and Antiquities Society for Zeitz and the surrounding area.

Permanent Exhibition: The Art of Printing

The permanent exhibition informs about the artistic work of Johannes Lebek, and various graphic printing techniques.

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