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Naumburg’s 1000-year history is also intertwined with Martin Luther and the Reformation. On his triumphal procession to the Diet of Worms, Luther held a sermon in the town on the River Saale. During his stay, he spent the night in the home of the Mayor – a memorial plaque on the building Am Markt 3 serves as a reminder. Over twenty years later on 20 January 1542, he consecrated Nicolaus von Amsdorf in the Naumburg Cathedral, making him the very first Evangelical bishop. Amsdorf became a type of “anti-bishop” to Julius von Pflug who was  in exile in the Catholic city of Mainz at this time. However, Amsdorf had a difficult position as the Catholics did not recognise him, thus the “Naumburg Model” failed. Although Evangelical sermons were held in the parish church of St. Wenceslas for the first time in 1526, the Reformation did not gain a foothold in Naumburg until 1568. Naumburg’s most eminent Reformer was Nicolaus Medler. He took up the post of superintendent of the parish church of St. Wenceslas in 1536 and drafted a church and school ordinance which was founded on the Wittenberg model and approved by Luther himself.


Expirience Naumburg

Naumburg is a popular destination for cultural trips and should definitely be a stop on any tour of historical Central Germany. The city on the River Saale offers visitors numerous museums: The “Hohe Lilie” building in the old town illustrates Naumburg’s impressive municipal history. The permanent exhibition in the Nietzsche-Haus documents the life and work of the philosopher who spent his childhood in Naumburg. The vineyard house of the famous Leipzig painter and sculptor, Max Klinger, now offers insight into the artist’s creative work. The former bishop’s castle, Schönburg, can be found atop a sandstone cliff just a few kilometres downriver from Naumburg. The impressive tower now invites visitors to climb to the top and the castle’s restaurant offers authentic mediaeval meals.

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In the footsteps of Martin Luther

St. Peter's and Paul's Cathedral

The Naumburg Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul is one of the most important cultural monuments from the time of the European High Middle Ages and has recently been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its cloister, Cathedral garden and the buildings of the Curia it forms an excellent architectural ensemble. The works of the anonymous Naumburg master who created the figures of the west choir's' founders, including Uta von Naumburg, and the western rood screen, make the Cathedral famous throughout the world.

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St. Peter’s and Paul’s Cathedral
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