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Luther's place

Luther's Eisleben
Martin Luther's hometown

Martin Luther's hometown

Luther's Eisleben

Eisleben is both where Luther’s journey began and where it ended. Here, on 10 November 1483, is where Martin Luther first came into the world, the oldest of nine children born to Hans and Margarethe Luder. Here too is where the world famous reformer died in 1546. In those days, parents resided, Luther was baptised Martin the morning after his birth. Today the church – and especially the reconstructed baptismal font it houses – is a destination for thousands of tourists. When Luther was about a year old, his family moved to nearby Mansfeld where Hans Luder was working in mining and metallurgy. The Church of St. Andrew, located alongside Eisleben’s market square, also serves as a reminder of the reformer. It was in this place of worship that he gave his final four sermons and it is here that he was laid out after his passing. Luther died on 18 February 1546 while visiting Eisleben to arbitrate a dispute involving the Counts of Mansfeld.


In the house Luther was born in, visitors can learn the story of his origins and life during the Middle Ages from the "Where I Come From – Martin Luther and Eisleben" exhibit. The home of the Luther family has been filled with period furniture.

Martin Luther was baptised on 11 November 1483 in the Gothic church of St. Petri-Pauli (St. Peter and Paul). Today, the "Baptism Centre" offers themed tours, opportunities for prayer or meditation, and school projects relating to the sacrament of baptism.

The house where Luther died is located on market square across from the Church of St. Andrew. Luther’s house where Luther died is a museum as well. The exhibition "Luther’s Final Journey" is devoted to recalling the final three weeks of Martin Luther’s life. Not only does it feature original accounts from Luther’s final days, important pieces being displayed include the pall which originally covered Luther’s casket as well as his death mask. In 1996, both the house where Luther was born as well as the house where he died became UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites.

At the centre of Eisleben’s market square, a Luther monument serves as a reminder of the city’s most famous son.

Eisleben is also the location of the Cistercian cloister Sankt Marien zu Helfta, which was a major centre of religious life during the Middle Ages. Gertrude the Great, Mechthild of Magdeburg and [Saint] Mechtild of Hackeborn represent the pre-eminent role the convent on the mysticism and on the literature of the thirteenth-century.

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Experience Luther in Eisleben (German)

What to see in Luther's Eisleben

The trail of MArtin Luther


A public museum for people making pilgrimages to honour Luther was constructed at this site as early as the end of the seventeenth-century. This makes the house one of the oldest facilities of its kind in the entire Germanosphere. The house took on its current appearance when it was rebuilt after the city-wide conflagration of 1689. Between 2005 and 2007, the structure underwent extensive renovation and expansion. In the meantime, the ensemble which emerged has been awarded five distinct prises for its architecture, making it one of the most distinguished buildings in all of Saxony-Anhalt.

Opening times

April to October:
Monday to Sunday 10.00-18.00

November to March:
Tuesday to Sunday 10.00-17.00

contact information

Martin Luthers Geburtshaus
Lutherstraße 15
06295 Lutherstadt Eisleben

Phone: +49 (0)3475 7147814
Fax: +49 (0)3475 7147813
Mail: geburtshaus@martinluther.de

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Luther's birthplace in Lutherstadt Eisleben

CURRENT EXHIBITION: That’s where I’m from – Martin Luther and Eisleben

The exhibition in the house where Luther was born follows the trail of the Luther family. Around 250 exhibits recall themes such as the Great Reformer’s origin, the mining activities of his father, medieval piety and spirituality as well as Luther’s baptism. The latter was the most important event linking Luther to Eisleben. Consequently, a baptismal font dating from 1518 is one of the museum’s most significant exhibits. On the house’s ground floor, the Luther family home has been replicated. The furniture on display was copied on the basis on historical models using tools from the medieval period. The so-called "Schöne Saal" (Beautiful Hall), located on the upper floor, has served as a special place of Luther admiration dating back to 1693. Portraits of Luther, Philip Melanchthon and various Electors of Saxony can be seen here.


The Great Reformer Martin Luther was baptised in the Church of St. Peter and Paul on the morning after his birth (11.11.1483). According to its own records, this church in Eisleben receives some 15,000 visitors annually. Especially the new baptismal font has been greeted with approval. The church is open to groups who would like to tour its halls as well as to adults who want to use the space to hold spiritual gatherings.

The Baptism Centre is intended to serve not only as a memorial to Luther, but also as a place to discuss and reflect on the role of baptism today. Visitors can take part in workshops, tours, seminars, spiritual weekend retreats for adults and church nights for children.

opening times

April 1st to November 11th:
Monday to Saturday 10.00-16.00
Sunday 11.30-16.00

12th November to 31st March:
Monday to Saturday 11.00-15.00
Sunday and public holidays 11.30-13.00

contact information

"Luther 2017-Zentrum Taufe"
Pfarrerin Simone Carstens-Kant
Petrikirchplatz 22
06295 Lutherstadt Eisleben

Phone: +49 (0)3475 7118022
Mail: zentrum-taufe@kirchenkreis-eisleben-soemmerda.de
Web: www.zentrum-taufe-eisleben.de 

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Christening center in St. Peter's Church in Lutherstadt Eisleben


The museum located at Andreaskirchplatz 7 is also a memorial commemorating Luther’s death. For centuries, it was assumed that Luther did indeed die here on 18 February, 1546. However, more recent research has revealed that the building in which he actually died was located near the marketplace, on the site currently occupied by the Graf von Mansfeld Hotel. The house at Andreaskirchplatz was nevertheless already set up as a museum and memorial to Luther.

In January 1546, Martin Luther departed on what would turn out to be his final journey. He came from Halle to the city of his birth in an attempt to settle a dispute between the Counts of Mansfeld. Only a few days before his passing, a Luther already marked by illness and exhaustion announced that, "I was born and baptised in this here Eisleben. If God should so have it, it’s where I’ll die as well!" He would pass away on 18 February 1546. The house was officially recognised as place where Luther died in 1726. The Prussian treasury would acquire the building in 1863, establishing a memorial at the site. Since then, the rooms mentioned in the reports of Luther’s death – the meeting room, the bedchamber and the room where he actually died – have been the highlights of the exhibition. The building has been renovated and expanded to include an additional museum facility.

In January 2013, the newly-renovated museum opened its gates once more, this time featuring the permanent exhibition "Luther’s Last Path". The exhibition in Luther’s Death House is entitled "Luther’s Last Path". It tells the story of the Reformer’s final journey to Eisleben and the days he spent there leading up to his death. The rooms featuring period furnishings leave a particularly strong impression. These are the bedchamber and "death room", which, for the first time, appear almost exactly as Friedrich Wilhelm Wanderer had originally decorated them back in 1907. The pall that covered Luther’s coffin is also on display.

opening times

April to October
Monday to Sunday 10.00-18.00

November to March
Tuesday to Sunday 10.00-17.00

contact information

Luthers Sterbehaus
Andreaskirchplatz 7
06295 Lutherstadt Eisleben

Phone: +49 (0)3475 7147840
Fax: +49 (0)3475 7147845
Mail: sterbehaus@martinluther.de

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Looking into the bedroom in Luther's place of death


4,00 Euro per person
reduced 2,50 Euro per person


During the thirteenth-century, the Cistercian St. Mary’s convent was known as "The Crown of German Convents". It became famous for the manner in which its sisters were educated and for the Christ-centred mysticism which they practiced. After having been uninhabited for 457 years, a group of Cistercian sisters moved in on 13 August 1999 and founded a new convent. Three women stood for the pre-eminent role the convent on the mysticism and on the literature of the thirteenth-century: Gertrude the Great, Mechthild of Magdeburg and [Saint] Mechtild of Hackeborn. Today, the convent is one of the stops along the Romanesque Road.

Auch eine Ferienwohnung steht für Gäste bereitThe cloister’s guesthouse is the perfect place to spend a short holiday, especially for people who are looking for a place of tranquillity and release. The Education and Retreat Building offers courses and workshops.

contact information

Kloster St. Marien zu Helfta
Lindenstrasse 36
06295 Lutherstadt Eisleben

Phone: +49 (0)3475 711 500
Mail: pforte@kloster-helfta.de
Web: www.kloster-helfta.de

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Permanent exhibition in the Liboriushaus

Minne courage mysticism - 800 years Mechthild of Magdeburg
Monday to Friday 10.00-16.00


Also in his time as a district vicar of the Augustinian order Luther came several times to Eisleben in the St. Anne's Church, which at that time belonged to an Augustinian hermit monastery. A special feature of the Annenkirche is the "Eisleber stone picture Bible" from 29 sandstone relieves depicting pictures from the Old Testament.

opening times

April 1st to November 12th
Monday to Saturday 10.00-16.00
Sunday 11.30-16.00

November 13th to March 31st
Monday to Friday 10.00-16.00

The church is open for viewing and prayer, please ring the church office (Annenkirchplatz 2) and Sundays after the service.

contact information

Office of St. Annen
Annenkirchplatz 2
06295 Lutherstadt Eisleben

Phone: +49 (0)3475 604115
Fax: +49 (0)3475 612345
Mail: st.annen-eisleben@freenet.de
Web: www.kirche-eisleben-stannen.de

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St. Andrew's Church

The St. Andrew's Church with its towers characterizes the Eisleber townscape, above the market place it is the center of the Andreas Kirchplatz ensemble. The interior of the late Gothic hall church is characterized by pieces of furniture from the 16th century. The altar shows the blessing of Mary through Christ surrounded by saints.

During his last stay in Eisleben, Martin Luther preached four times from the pulpit. He was laid out after his death on 18 February 1546 in the church, and the first funeral sermons were held here. The preserving power of the Reformation is documented in the pulpit, made of precious priest's robes with plastic embroidery on late medieval velvet.

The tombs of the Mansfeld counts tell the context of the history of the Reformation and invite them to also perceive the church as a place of spiritual and personal exploration of the subject of dying.

opening times

April to October
Monday to Saturday 10.00-16.00
Sunday and public holidays 11.30-16.00

contact information

Evangelische Kirchengemeinde
St. Andreas-Nicolai-Petri
Andreaskirchplatz 11
06295 Lutherstadt Eisleben

Phone: +49 (0)3475 602229
Mail: ev_pfarramt_anp_lu_eisleben@web.de
Web: www.kirche-in-eisleben.de

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Ein schönes Wochenende aus Wernigerode!

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Herbst im Gartenreich Dessau-Wörlitz 🍂🍃
Verlink gerne auch deine Fotos aus dem #reiselandsachsenanhalt 🌿

Bild: © @_inner_life_

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Ein Stendaler Kind: Johann Joachim Winckelmann. 
Der Tod des Begründers von Kunstwissenschaft und Archäologie jährt sich im Jahr 2018 zum 250. Mal. 
Neben dem Denkmal in Stendal kann man den Sohn eines Schusters auch in Salzwedel betrachten. Dort zeigt das Johann-Friedrich-Danneil-Museum noch bis zum 30. Dezember eine Wanderausstellung. Unter dem Titel „Archäologe – Aufklärer – Wissenschaftsbegründer“ folgt sie den Spuren des Stendalers durch die Altmark.

Bild: © @fotokombinat_altmark

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