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Catholic and Protestant views on Mary. Special Exhibition at the Augusteum Wittenberg

23.04. - 18.08.

The special exhibition »Honoured. Loved. Forgotten – Catholic and Protestant Views on Mary« selected medieval sculptures of Mary from the Swiss Foundation E. G. Bührle Collection and historical depictions of Mary from other lenders will be on display. The exhibition will be exploring the differences between catholic and protestant images of Mary, who is worshipped as a saint by Catholics, and honoured by Protestants as the Mother of God. Whereas the former envision the Virgin Mary as the Queen of Heaven on a crescent moon, radiant with her halo, and depict her suffering in intercessions and hymns, the latter value her motherliness, her exemplary faith and her modesty, yet have excluded her from the imagery of their churches. With his faith so closely focused on Christ, Luther rejected the ritual worship of Mary. Even so, Mary continued to be a paragon and embodiment of humility, love and mercy for Luther, and his own words show the high regard in which he held her: »She is dear to me, the precious maid.«

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