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The Christmas market with a historical flair

14. Dezember

 Just in time for the 12th chime of the bell, the courtyards next to the largest courtyard, the Christmas market, open their gates. After the opening on the market square, one has the impression that the city centre of Lutherstadt Eisleben is like an ant hill. People are constantly on the move and admire the beautiful arcades, the different roof shapes of the adjoining houses and the lovely decorations in the courtyards. Eisleben has many architectural treasures, most of which are hidden, and on such a day you can admire them. Each courtyard develops its own special charm when dusk falls.

In addition to culinary delights, there is also something for all the senses. This day is accompanied by many choirs that go from one court to the next. But there is not only food and drink, also numerous merchants, artists and craftsmen compete for the favour of the visitors. And here you are truly spoilt for choice.The brighter the moon in the sky, the stronger the illumination in the courtyards. In the courtyards a unique flair is created with candles, tea lights, fire baskets and effectively used spotlights, which often elicits an "Oh - great" from the visitor when entering.

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Lutherstadt Eisleben
Lutherstadt Eisleben


Lutherstadt Eisleben
Lutherstadt Eisleben
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